Vampire Dynasty Challenge

If you enjoy occult game play then you might want to try this Vampire Dynasty Challenge. I love the concept of playing with “royal” vampire families, and having to work your way up to being allowed to marry into a royal family. Super interesting!

Check out the link below for the full challenge rules.

Link & credit to creator: undressyourbones


  • Create a Royal Vampire Family in every world except the one you’re going to have your legacy start. Families must consist of 8 total sims including: 1 King and 1 Queen.
  • Create your starter sim. They have to be YA & human. They can have any aspiration and traits.
  • Move into an empty 50×50 or 64×64 lot in the world where you didn’t create a royal family.
  • Use money cheat to lower your funds to $1800.


  • Complete Sim’s Aspiration
  • Complete the rosebud achievement before marrying.
  • When your sim has the funds, create a beautiful, lavish palace on your lot with room for a dedicated wall/room/hallway for family portraits.
  • Your sim must marry one of the children from the royal families.
  • Your sim must complete 4 gold star dinner parties to impress the royal family that you’re trying to marry into after you’ve completed the rosebud achievement and built your palace.
  • Your sim must be best friends of the parents of the royal family and at least friends with the rest of the royal children you’re trying to marry into.
  • After marrying, your sim must turn into a Vampire by their spouse.
  • After you marry, your spouse moves into your ‘palace’.
  • If your sim has a job, they must quit their job after getting married. (unless it’s a freelance job, politician, or conservationist.)
  • Must have at least 4 kids.


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