Career Legacy Challenge

The Career Legacy Challenge is currently being played and developed by Risshella on her Twitch stream. She is playing through every career in alphabetical order and she has also added in extra goals for Hard-mode and Optional Side Quests.

This challenge also includes other “Rags to Riches” type rules to decide the amount of starting funds each generation, number of kids, type of relationship, etc.

If you want to push yourself to try new types of game play, and different types of families, then give this challenge a go!

If you have any comments or questions about the challenge you can ask Risshella about it on her Twitch stream here.

Check out the link below for the full challenge rules.

Link & credit to creator: Risshella

General Rules

This challenge is played in a Rags to Riches style, moving out at the beginning of each generation. Start the challenge with a single sim. You may fully customize the appearance and traits and aspiration of this sim. Move them into an empty lot, or bulldoze a lot. Cheat money to 0 (or 1,800 for a slightly easier start). Roll dice/use a random number generator to determine how many children to have in this generation (1-6). You also need to flip a coin to determine whether your sim will be in a committed relationship, or walk the promiscuous path of multiple partners!

Each generation focuses on one career and the skills associated with it. Each generation also includes an Optional Side Quest. Follow the list of careers here or follow along below! (we are going in alphabetical order). Once you’ve completed the requirements for a generation, choose an heir from your sim’s current children to lead the next generation. You can choose your favorite, have a vote somewhere, or use a random number generator to decide on the heir. You can move your heir out as early as the age of teenager, but keep in mind you will not be able to start your career until young adulthood!


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