Not So Berry Challenge

The Not So Berry Challenge has been around for awhile, but it’s still quite popular in the Sims community. If you need something new in your game play then this challenge will be great for you. It encourages you to try new careers and personality types for your sim families. It also encourages family game play between the various generations, and it’s not always that “picture perfect” family game play that you might usually strive for.

Check out the link below for the full challenge rules.

Link & credit to creator: lilsimsie & alwaysimming

Do you like the rainbow? Do you like the idea of playing with berry Sims but hate berry Sims? Do you want to mess around with aspects of the game you’ve never used before? Boy, do I have the challenge for you!

Welcome to the Not So Berry Legacy Challenge, a ten generation legacy with a focus on bright colors and new experiences.

Basic Rules:

  • Each heir must represent the color of the generation (i.e. hair, makeup, clothing), but brightly colored skin is not necessary (these aren’t actually berry Sims, that’s the joke). Of course, this is optional but a big portion of the fun.
  • The colors of the spouses don’t matter as they aren’t part of the challenge. Unless otherwise stated you can do whatever you please with them.
  • Money cheats can be used, but not excessively. Suggestion: use freerealestate for your first home, but no cheats afterward.
  • You may live wherever you please unless something is specified in the rules of a generation.
  • Every generation is supposed to complete both the career and aspiration of the heir unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  • Keep the lifespan on normal.
  • If you play this challenge and want to share it with us, go ahead and post with #notsoberry so we can see!


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