Black Widow Challenge

This is another classic challenge that has been around since the Sims 2. This Sims 4 adaptation has various difficulty levels, as well as a regular scoring system vs. an advanced scoring system, depending on what level of chaos you want in your game. This also adds quite a bit of replay value, because you can start on “Novice” and work your way up to “Legendary”. There is also an in-game achievement for outliving 5 spouses called “Black Widow”, but this challenge goes all the way to 10 spouses!

Check out the link below for the full challenge rules.

Link & credit to creator: Simalot

  • Life span must be set to normal. Start off with one Young Adult Sim. Give her the following 3 traits… materialistic, snob, and romantic. The aspiration has to be “Love” with a sub-category being The Serial Romantic. Move her into a lot/house and get her settled. NO Money cheats allowed!!!
  • Meet a Sim and build your relationship until you can get married (All marriage should have a formal party, it’s not a requirement though… it just add to the realism.)
  • Have a Dinner party to show you’re the perfect wife. (The Dinner party must at least reach a rating of “silver”.)
  • After the party, find a new romantic interest, and… move them in.
  • Then, get caught cheating (ie. make sure your current hubby is very close/near-by, while getting “Romantic” with the new guy.)
  • Kill off the Husband, marry again (to the new guy) + inscribe the tombstone with: {his name} “Died by Black Widow”
  • Repeat this over again until you have 10 graves or more / 10 of them have died. Simple Right? maybe … maybe not.


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