Cult or Commune Challenge

This challenge is very detailed, so please make sure to follow the link for the full rules.

I love how it has extensive guidelines, but still gives you quite a bit of freedom to choose your specific style of gameplay. For example, you could have a really nice Commune full of happy hippies, or you could have an evil Cult that takes over the town.

Check out the link below for the full challenge rules.

Link & credit to creator: LibrarianSimmer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of a commune, just living off the land? Or to lead a cult composed of people with ideas that just don’t fit in with mainstream society? Have you ever thought about joining a group of people together just to see what you could come up with as a team? Then the Cult or Commune Challenge may be for you! You will recruit a group of people, develop your own customs, decide how to work together, develop your own code of dress, start up a collection of treasures, learn lots of skills, discover love, and have children to spread your ideas! Create your leader, gather your people, and you decide–cult or commune?

Getting Started

Your Leader: Start a new game file and create your own person or an infamous person who started their own commune or cult. Choose your traits wisely. Insane will allow you to share your conspiracy theories. Creative will allow you to share your ideas. Genius will allow you to share your ideas and inventions. You will need at least one of these traits to be able to hook people with your ideology or philosophies.

Decide: Will your leader be charming and alluring, yet domineering once people are in? Or will he be kind to the group members and help care for them? You may have a leader who contributes to the group or one who just bosses everyone around and has them do all the work for him. Will he or she be kind or controlling? Decide in the beginning: basically nice or mean leader?

Aspiration: Friend of the World is a good aspiration to start with, because it will immediately have you introducing yourself to people and making friends, which is what you do when you start a commune or a cult. However, you may choose any aspiration that does not involve having a job; but try to choose one that will make sense for a cult or commune–such as big happy family or public enemy.

Properties: Buy an empty property in Newcrest. The smallest one on the very top is recommended, because it has a pond near it for fishing and has a lot of people walking around, as well as a little community park right beside it. It also has a small plot right beside it, which can later be used to expand your commune into a second household.

Whichever plot you choose, make sure you check it out first to make sure it will fit your needs of fishing and socializing–as you will not be able to move, until you make enough money to purchase a different lot. Also, you may not travel at first. You are isolated to the one neighborhood you choose. (Note: A neighborhood is the area you can view from your lot, the area you can walk around in without “traveling”, or the area that “lights up” on the map view, when you hover over it with your mouse. It contains anywhere from two to five lots.)

You may place one or two other household lots in the neighborhood to be your neighbors. However, try to find houses that fit the era of your commune leader. If you create your own leader, you may choose any decade you want.


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