A list of challenges to try out!

Legacy Challenge & Simple Variations

The original Legacy Challenge was created by Pinstar in 2004. He originally created it for Sims 2, and later updated it for Sims 3 and Sims 4. He has an entire website dedicated to the incredibly detailed rules, as well as other challenges that he has created.

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Career Legacy Challenge

The Career Legacy Challenge is currently being played and developed by Risshella on her Twitch stream. She is playing through every career in alphabetical order and she has also added in extra goals for Hard-mode and Optional Side Quests.

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Black Widow Challenge

This is another classic challenge that has been around since the Sims 2. This Sims 4 adaptation has various difficulty levels, as well as a regular scoring system vs. an advanced scoring system, depending on what level of chaos you want in your game. This also adds quite a bit of replay value, because you can start on "Novice" and work your way up to "Legendary". There is also an in-game achievement for outliving 5 spouses called "Black Widow", but this challenge goes all the way to 10 spouses!

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Asylum Challenge

This challenge has been around since the Sims 2, and I still love the concept! There are 3 different difficulty levels that you can try, depending on the level of chaos you're interested in. I also love the idea of building the run-down asylum. Although, if you aren't a builder then you can always check the gallery for an asylum under #AsylumChallenge.

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Bunker Legacy Challenge

Do you enjoy post-apocalyptic story lines? Do you enjoy rags to riches legacy challenges? Then this is the challenge for you! The creator of this made their own bunker build to go along with the challenge, and you can download it off the gallery if you want to give it a go. It's a fairly customizable challenge, so everyone can make it fit their preferred game play style.

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Cult or Commune Challenge

This challenge is very detailed, so please make sure to follow the link for the full rules. I love how it has extensive guidelines, but still gives you quite a bit of freedom to choose your specific style of gameplay. For example, you could have a really nice Commune full of happy hippies, or you could have an evil Cult that takes over the town.

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Off The Grid Challenge

This challenge was written before the "Off the Grid" lot trait was added to base game, but I think it will work well with the trait. I also love that it's a challenge that involves an entire world with the potential for multiple families to be played as well. It's like an extreme rags to riches style challenge, which could be a lot of fun!

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Rags to Riches Mega Challenge

I always enjoy a simple Rags to Riches challenge, but did you know there is a super challenging "mega" version of it? The rules are pretty extensive, but it seems like a very interesting twist on this classic challenge.

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A Different Kind of Jam Challenge

I know there are a ton of berry themed challenges, but this one was recommended to me by Vurpics on Twitch. She's just started streaming it recently and was having a lot of fun with her founder. The first generation has a very interesting start that honestly sounds really challenging!

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Not So Berry Challenge #2

The original NSB Challenge was created in 2017, but in 2020 it was updated to include the newer packs. So now you can play both challenges back to back for a total of 20 generations! Wow! That's a lot of sims! I have the attention span of a gnat, so this sounds like an impossible challenge, but if you like legacy challenges this would be a blast.

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