Bunker Legacy Challenge

Do you enjoy post-apocalyptic story lines? Do you enjoy rags to riches legacy challenges? Then this is the challenge for you!

The creator of this made their own bunker build to go along with the challenge, and you can download it off the gallery if you want to give it a go. It’s a fairly customizable challenge, so everyone can make it fit their preferred game play style.

Check out the link below for the full challenge rules.

Link & credit to creator: Charlii-mai

This particular Legacy Challenge tasks you with creating a single founder Sim moving them in to a giant lot, (50×50) and starting out in the Bunker lot. Your founder must build onto their house, build up their wealth, and ultimately bring in the second generation to continue when they die. In this challenge you play a single family for 10 full generations. With less control over how your children turn out and more challenges thrown your way, the challenge asks the very important question. “What kind of Legacy will you leave?”

Let’s Get This Thing Started

You must design your founder in create-a-sim. There are no restrictions. You can pick whatever aspiration you want for them and give them whatever traits you want. Pick out their gender, wardrobe, body shape and colour, and even add any CAS custom content.

The ONLY two rules are that they must be of the ‘young adult’ age, and they must be the only person in the household.

Take extra care when giving them their name, especially their last name, as many future Sims will have that as part of their name, so make it a good one.

Once you have finished your founder, move them into any empty lot. Return to the world screen. Select your founder on their empty lot and pick “Move Family”. Locate a residential 50×50 lot and bulldoze it, evicting the family present if there is one. The lot should now cost exactly $10,000. If it does not, it is not an eligible lot.

Move your founder into the new empty $10,000 lot. This will leave them with $10,000 in funds. Before doing anything else, enter build mode, head to the gallery, and download the bunker (made by Charlii-mai) costing $8,166 leaving you with $1,834 in funds then from outdoor plants buy 2 Apprentice rock set costing $450 each and the silent sentinel rock costing $245 leaving your Sim with $689* (for the duration of the challenge you are not allowed to sell any of the rocks although you are free to move them around the lot to assist building).

Once this is completed, you must choose what your family’s succession law will be.


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