Rags to Riches Mega Challenge

I always enjoy a simple Rags to Riches challenge, but did you know there is a super challenging “mega” version of it? The rules are pretty extensive, but it seems like a very interesting twist on this classic challenge.

Check out the link below for the full challenge rules.

Link & credit to creator: SimishGamer

The point of this challenge is for each simmer to get the sim of their choice from living in rags all the way up to riches. In order to complete this challenge your Sims must meet all of the main game challenge goals listed below. There are mandatory challenge goals that you must meet before you can complete some of the main challenges. There is also a list of optional goals for you to pick and choose from to go along with the main challenge.

Challenge Information and Rules:

  • There are certain main goals you are not allowed to complete until you finish the Mandatory Steps that go with them, these side challenges can be found in the Mandatory Steps section. You must complete mandatory steps before you can get a job, build your home and start your family.
  • Do not use any cheats unless it is to reset your sim, take away your money, or allow you to move objects. In the beginning of the game move into the most expensive empty lot and then get rid of all of your money. If you need to know how to do this, refer to the Helpful Hints section.
  • To make money before you are allowed to get a job take advantage of the things listed in the Making Money section. Your spouse is not allowed to work until they have met the mandatory work requirement. If you have more than one working sim in your home they must each meet the requirement.
  • You may not place anything on your Sims lot until you have unlocked the mandatory steps for building a home. Items your sim can carry are allowed to be set down or used on your own lot excluding seeds.
  • You are not allowed to place items outside the walls of your home or use seeds until you finish the Mandatory Steps for Building a Garden.
  • Before you own a bed you must use public places to sleep, you may not place a bed on a public lot. Outdoor retreat users may use a tent if you want but you must earn the money to buy it and it can not be placed on your home lot. Once your friendly level is full with a sim you may stay at their home one night a week if you so wish. You must count the days and on the seventh day you can stay with them again. While at their home for that one night you are allowed to make and eat as many meals as you want to but you cannot take them with you. You can make one plate of food before you leave their home to take when you go. Do not sleep at any Sims home at any other time until you have a bed of your own.
  • You can rummage for food, garden public plants or cook on the outdoor barbecues until you have built your home. I survived off of selling collectables and making food like this for a while before I got my home.
  • If you decide to add any other sims besides the spouse and kids, they may not work in any way or earn money with hobbies like painting.
  • If you are part of a club that can earn money by painting, writing, etc. You can not keep any of the money made by selling these items until you have finished every main goal. You may however hang the paintings in your home or delete them all.
  • If you have city living you can move your sim into an apartment, but you must follow all of the challenge requirements. You have to delete everything from the apartment and get rid of all of your money. You must eventually work your way up to owning the penthouse so you can complete the garden challenge.
  • Your life span can be set to anything you wish for this challenge, you can even turn aging off to be able to finish the whole challenge.


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