100 Baby Challenge

I googled Sims 4 Challenges the other day, and it turns out there are literally a million of them. So, I’ve decided to start posting descriptions and links to Sims 4 Challenges that I’ve enjoyed playing, or that I’m interested in trying.

Here is the classic 100 Baby Challenge. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, and maybe even played it. But did you know there are optional occult rules? I’ve never tried the occult version, but it sounds like a lot of fun!

Check out the link below for the full challenge rules.

Link & credit to creator: Snarky Witch’s Tumblr


Your objective for this challenge is to give birth to 100 children in as few generations as possible. The challenge ends as soon as the 100th child is born or if you fail the challenge for breaking rules.

Optional Occult Rules

Occult Incentive:

  • Your matriarch must be human.
  • Each occult born to your human matriarch adds two to your total child count, so one occult child is worth the equivalent of two human children.

Occult Themed Challenge:

  • Your matriarch must be an occult.
  • Your matriarch may only have children with human Sims.
  • Any human children that your matriarch gives birth to do not count towards the 100 baby total. You may not move out human children to make more space for occult children until they meet the normal requirements to be aged up into a young adult.


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